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Hank Rowlinson

Campaign Platform Pillars

Some of Hank's goals, thoughts, aspirations and key strategies.  Please click on the headings to read full documents.  If you have any ideas to share, please drop Hank an email with your contact information.


Hank Rowlnson

Hank Rowlinson is an exciting candidate with strong family values and vision hoping to capture your support for Chair of the Métis Nation of Ontario 2020 election. Born and raised in the Historic Métis Community of Sault Ste. Marie, Hank is a dedicated husband and father of 8 children (ages 16-36).   He and his wife Loma now live in Sudbury Ontario .


For thirty years Hank has been the chair of numerous community, provincial and national commissions, boards, and committees.  An effective communicator and negotiator Hank encourages compromise and consensus building. He has built strong and respectful relationships in assisting and working with Métis citizens and community councils across Ontario. As MNO Chair he will ensure that policies and procedures are followed and that decisions articulated by the people are honoured and fulfilled.

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The Métis Citizenship Act

Community Acceptance

""We the Métis Nation, have the inherent right of self-determination and self-government;"  

We must stay true to the spirit of the MNO's Statement of Prime Purpose.  


We can no longer be influenced by outside pressure when defining who we are.  It is the role of the people themselves to determine who its citizens are and the terms on which those citizens will be accepted.  As we begin consultations on the Métis Nation of Ontario Constitution it is imperative that we cast aside predetermined outside narratives and we the Métis peoples in Ontario set the parameters of who we are!  I am proposing a strategy for the development of a Métis Citizenship Act. 

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Key Priorities

Hank shares a few strategies for preserving, capturing and promoting Métis culture.  This is not an exhaustive list but a few key areas that can be looked at and attained.  

  • The Métis Nation of Ontario Cultural Commission

  • Knowledge Holders

  • Métis Arts and Artists

  • Community Gatherings

  • Cultural Education


Click here for details:   

Government to Government Relations

Hank at the Table

Canada is strengthened when we respectfully reconcile our diversity.  Whether it is the recognition of the rights of the Métis people and our ability to assert those rights or the implementation of modern day Métis land claims agreements.

The objective is clear; self-governing communities using their traditional knowledge, human capacity and resources to sustain and enhance our culture, governments and economies within a prosperous Ontario.   

To read more and learn about some of Hank's experiences working with Provincial and Federal Governments and key areas to look at moving forward, click HERE.

Métis Policy Success - A few to mention



For 30 years Hank Rowlinson has been advocating for Indigenous rights and developing policy.  

Hank was elected as President of the Aboriginal Peoples Commission of Ontario and twice elected as National President of the Aboriginal Peoples Commission of Canada.  In these roles he was an Indigenous advisor for Ministers, Parliamentary Assistants, political staffers, the Premier of Ontario and the Prime Minister of Canada.

Hank spearheaded and contributed to the drafting, lobbied for, and secured full consensus at a 2004 Policy Convention for many Métis policies.  These policies helped pave a path that the Métis Nation of Ontario is now traveling.   This document shares the policies that Hank worked on that were shared in the speech from the throne and included in the 2016 Federal Government budget.  Click HERE to read full article.

Métis Seniors

Respect and Compassion

The needs of our seniors has been a concern of mine for many years.  If I have learned anything from this election campaign, especially during this time of the Covid-19 crisis, is that we have been missing the silent cries for help from our seniors and their families.  The financial, emotional and mental health needs of many of our seniors and their families are in crisis and have been sorely neglected.  With your support I commit to working with the MNO elected leadership to consult with our seniors and develop a Métis Seniors Strategy.   To read more please click on the HERE.

More coming soon!  Please bookmark and check back in.

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