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Introduction to Hank Rowlinson

Born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Hank is a dedicated husband and father of eight (ages 16-36).  He and his wife Loma reside in Sudbury.  They have also been foster parents to many First Nations youth.

For thirty years Hank has been the chair of numerous community, provincial and national commissions, boards, and committees. Proficient with conflict resolution, mediation and negotiations, Hank is an effective communicator that encourages compromise and consensus building. He also brings expertise with governance, policy development, business management, contract negotiations, partnership and inter-governmental relationship building. 


Hank has in-depth knowledge of past, ongoing and current issues concerning our grass-root citizens, families, and communities. He has built strong and respectful relationships assisting and working with Métis community councils and citizens for over 23 years as both an Executive of the PCMNO and full-time employee of the MNO.  Throughout his tenure as a staff member he held senior management portfolios including Senior Policy Analyst, Economic Development Officer, Manager of Lands and Resources, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer and Manager of Community Relations and has contributed to developing internal and external policies, securing government and partnership funding, and has built a solid reputation engaging politicians. 


​A steadfast advocate for the Métis Nation, Hank brings the kind of commitment, experience and determination that is needed as we enter this new era of self-government.  Respecting the MNO's Statement of Prime Purpose Hank believes that the way forward needs to be one of hope, optimism and vigilance and that we must be united to overcome barriers that may stand in our way.  With demonstrated leadership Hank has the foresight needed to make an effective contribution to the PCMNO to advance the Métis Nation as we enter this new chapter in our history. 

​“It is our collective body that breathes life into the Nation and it is collectively that we determine who we are as a people.  This is the approach I have always believed in, advocated for, and will continue, as your Chair on our road to self-governance.”   Hank Rowlinson

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