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Read Why PCMNO Executive Senator, Joe Poitras Endorses Hank Rowlinson for MNO Chair.

"Who did I turn to when I needed help with any MNO Council related issues?... Hank

Why?.......He demonstrated to me very early in my involvement with MNO that he is a focused, organized, tireless worker on behalf of our citizens. He never shies away from controversial issues; he never failed to get back to me. I have strongly held views. Hank has never hesitated to point out where he felt I was wrong, a trait that I admire and welcome in any person.

I have never known Hank to shun anyone who disagrees with him. He simply considers them colleagues with a dissenting point of view, who also make a contribution to the growth of the MNO. Hank has spent time with a lot of our citizens and worked with all of our Councils. He knows a lot about the concerns of our citizens and would represent them well in any forum.

Hank has much MNO experience, knowledge, leadership qualities and skills which he will put to good use in the interests of our citizens. Joseph Poitras, Executive Senator PCMNO

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